Tired of the Bullshit

Pack it in and get the f*ck out. How do you know when it’s the right time? Whether it’s your current occupation or relationship, a business deal or friendship. Is there ever a right time? I believe you need to accept the reality and truth of the inevitable, that being your true feelings towards the circumstance. No matter what, it will always be an awkward position, mainly if you’ve invested your heart in the issue at hand. Fear holds many of us back from taking the necessary leaps to fulfill what our emotions are telling us to do. But before you leap, you must prepare. Once you’ve acknowledged the outcome you wish to pursue, you must first plan what should be in place before you make your exit. With integrity, if it is a relationship, be honest. To yourself and your partner. Nowadays it’s so much more difficult to make the decisions that should be made. But, once you’ve been burned, it seems to get easier and more comfortable to take action in all situations. Hasn’t it?

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