Everything/one has an expiry date

You’re not supposed to cry over spilled milk, so why complain about stale bread? Agree to disagree, let’s take it a little further. What if your friend ran off with your partner or your partner decided to step out on you? Well, you should still keep you’re head up and be rational. Yes, you can be emotional, but consider the damage you do to yourself both mentally and physically and how that’s going to impact the most important thing, you. Things don’t last, neither do people. It’s the sad truth, but we all die one day. I’m grateful for all the interactions, crossings, spontaneous and planned experiences I’ve shared with many. I look back at how our end became our end and most times laugh at how silly we let the insignificant situations allow things to expire between us. Admittedly, I’m somehow the primary reason why as well. Nonetheless, always grateful for the memory and the experiences shared. Headaches or not, that’s people.

Now, what about experiences? Experiences don’t last forever, and we try to capture those experiences with different methods, tools, and options available at the given time. I was once told, that memories are remembered when they made a significant impact in your life. The funny thing, with my turbulent upbringing, sadly I don’t remember much of my childhood. Hold onto the things that matter most and even if it’s a memory, hold onto that too. The next time you pick up that carton of milk or that loaf of bread, don’t forget to check the expiry date and remember what matters most.